Growing marijuana

Growing great cannabis indoors or outdoors. How to grow your own Marijuana discreetly at home. How to grow bigger buds outdoors. How to grow weeds from seeds.

Medical Marijuana’s Future in the United States!

Did you know that Marijuana is the world’s most commonly used, trafficked, and cultivated illicit drug? Yes. And while the push for medical marijuana legalization continues to grow at home and abroad, marijuana has already gained significant…

5 Game-Changing Effects of Quarantine on Cannabis Industry

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As many states continue to enforce social distancing plus ask people to stay indoors, the cannabis industry is undergoing unprecedented disruptions. Many states in the U.S have listed medicinal use of cannabis among the “essential services.”Yet,…

Underground Marijuana Growers in California: After Proposition 64

The state of California has a long history with marijuana, including both legal and illegal production. Let’s look at the history of legislation and the most recent proposition passed regarding the legalization of marijuana in California.…


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Guide to Grow Medical Marijuana at Home • How to grow marijuanaMarijuana can be grown at home legally and here the fundamentals would be shared and discussed.Frequently asked questions include:Where can I buy good Marijuana…

A Beginner's Guide to Growing Medical Cannabis

The Popularity of marijuana or cannabis has increased in the last years a lot. Cannabis earlier was demonized and even a taboo for most of the world. Now, its benefits are widely known and many people are deciding to grow this plant. It has…