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MMJ CBD Killing Tumor. CBD Oil for Cancer"We started to give our father CBD in form of oil, and the biopsy graphics showed that about 85% of the cancer in his body was killed and the last 15% was completely surrounded by dead cells,…

Medical Marijuana - Therapeutic Treatment for Insomnia

Medical Marijuana is known as one of the safest and best sleeping medicine in the world.  No doubts that medical pot is the best drug for sleeping issues.  Some people are now aware of cannabis medical effects, but only a few know how deep…

Medical Marijuana – The Cure for Migraines and Headaches

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As curious and potential medical marijuana patients we are bound to search up "marijuana and pain". You will be surprised but there is ample evidence in the form of online research materials. They will reveal that Medical Marijuana is a potential…

The Best Marijuana Brownies - Full Recipe

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At every marijuana exhibition, “Weed Brownies” are the stars of the show. They are the most popular form of edible marijuana. The marijuana you consume orally must be safe and of high quality. State-licensed dispensaries provide the best…


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2020 Guide to Medical Marijuana in California 2020 is going to be a turning point for Marijuana supporters for the following reasons:With the passing of The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Compassionate Care Act, cannabis would also be…

Medical Marijuana 420 Evaluations in California

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A Medical Marijuana 420 Evaluation is a simple process that allows patients to legally access Medical Marijuana in California. Since 1996, Physicians are allowed to recommend Medical Marijuana to their patients for many qualified medical conditions…

New Medical Marijuana Laws Prop 64 - 2020 Update

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What is new for California in 2020? 2020 is going to be a turning point for Marijuana supporters. Especially with the passing of The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Compassionate Care Act. If this bill passes, then cannabis would also be…