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Save 50% or more by making your own CBD Oil at home

Making your own CBD oil will easily save you 50% or more, and if you do it right, your product could be better than the one you’re using now in terms of quality.  For example, some manufacturers use toxic solvents that can remain in the final product. You’ll know what’s in your medicine by choosing quality lab tested cannabis, the ingredients, and good preparation equipment.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is growing in popularity as a supplement and an alternative way of soothing the senses. But what is it, and how is it made? And what is its relationship to THC?

CDB is short for cannabidiol, which is one of around 85 compounds found in cannabis. CBD oil is the product of extracting CBD-rich oil from marijuana or hemp plants. People choose to take CBD oil for many beneficial reasons. Some of the most common reasons are the desire to enhance the general state of wellness and to relax after a long and full day.

Understanding how to make CBD oil is a good way to understand CBD, how it differs from THC, and how it impacts the body.

Basic Steps in Cannabinoid Extraction – Making Cannabis Oil

  • Simply chop up an ounce Budd super finely with a sharp butcher’s knife or grinder
  • Decarb CBD and THC by baking ground bud at 220 F for 90 minutes
  • Place herb in alcohol or veggie oil and heat in a closed container
  • The cannabinoids simply dissolve into the hot alcohol solution
  • Filter and concentrate the CBD and cannabinoids

Three CBD oil making recipes follow, and a bonus whiskey infusion recipe that offers all the benefits of marijuana oil and then some.  Non-alcoholics might want to give this a try.


High-CBD strains -clones give the most consistent high-CBD values, but high-CBD strains from seed are giving increasingly stable CBD : THC ratios.  Approximate THC and CBD values for popular strains in North America include:

  • Cannatonic CBD 15%, THC 1%
  • Remedy CBD 14%, THC 0.6%
  • AC/DC CBD 20%, THC 1%
  • Harlequin CBD 15%, THC 5%
  • CBD Shark Shock CBD 10%, THC 5%,
  • ComPassion CBD 8%, THC 8%
  • Pennywise CBD 9%, THC 9 %
  • Sour Tsunami CBD 12%, THC 6%
  • Doctor Cookies CBD 11%, THC 7%
  • Sunkiss CBD 11% , THC 6%
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD 15% , THC 5%
  • Haley’s Comet  CBD 8%, THC 8%

It is a good idea to vape a sample of a new strain and sees if there are any unwanted side effects.  By using a vape, effects wear off in about an hour, while oil taken orally lasts 8 or so hours.

Your cannabis product can be added to any recipe that calls for oils.  Your CBD oil can be mixed into creams and applied directly a treatment area.  Cannabis oil can be made from “scraps”, the lower grade trim left over from harvest.

Compare Making your oil can save about 50% or more.

  • CBD Oil – 100ml of oil, total 1000 milligrams cannabidiol per bottle – $120
  • CBD Strain, 20% CBD 10 grams or 2000 mg equivalent – $100
  • Price for ethanol, food grade is $5. ETHANOL CULINARY SOLVENT



Product #1 Aphria Rideau Gold cannabis oil, THC 0.8 mg/ml, CBD 12.8 mg/ml ( actual)
Potential THC+THCA 0.8 mg/ml
Potential CBD+CBDA 13.4 mg/ ml
Equivalency factor 1 gr = 6 ml

Total volume of product = 100ml

Total mg CBD = 100 x 12.8 =1280 mg

Ingredients: medium chain triglycerides (MCT) coconut oil, cannabis

Price $120

Product #2  Aphria Champlain Indica cannabis oil, THC 22.5 mg/ml, CBD <0.5 mg/ml (actual)
Potential THC+THCA 21.5 mg/ml
Potential CBD + CBDA <0.7 mg/ml
Equivalency factor 1 gr = 6 ml

Total mg THC = 100 x 22.5mg = 2250 mg

Ingredients: medium chain triglycerides (MCT), coconut oil, cannabis

Price $120

CBD Oil Extraction Recipe 

  • 1 Cup virgin coconut oil
  • 14 grams high-CBD cannabis bud
  • Grind 14 grams bud in a coffee grinder
  • Put ground bud in a canning jar
  • Add 1 cup coconut oil to bud in a canning jar
  • Put on a lid and screw tight
  • Put a washrag on the bottom of a pan
  • Fill the pot with water, about 3 inches
  • Place jar with oil and bud in pan
  • Put the lid on the pan
  • Heat near boiling for 3 hours
  • Strain oil through cheesecloth and pour CBD oil into a glass screw top container.
  • Add 1/4 cup oil and repeat this extraction process on the bud
  • Consume oil see calculations section to measure a dose.

Cannabis-Infused Whiskey  – More Medicinal Than CBD Oil?

Of course, if you’re an alcoholic, this preparation is not for you. In principle, infused alcohol might be the most medicinal of all oral remedies.  A small amount of fine alcohol is medicinal on its own.  Extraction with grain alcohols pulls out many water and oil soluble components of cannabis, including the main active ingredients, CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.


  • 1 bottle of rye whiskey
  • 10 grams marijuana bud
  • Cut or grind 8 grams of High CBD bud
  • Place on a baking sheet and cover with tin foil (very well).
  • Bake at 210 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes
  • Pour 750ml  rye whiskey into a quart jar
  • Add the baked cannabis
  • Stir lightly 5 minutes, let sit, stir again 5 minutes
  • Let it sit at room temperature for one week, lightly stir on day 3
  • Filter the mixture by squeezing through cheesecloth with a strainer into a container
  • Pour cannabis-infused whiskey into a fine container and cap

One shot of this tonic will deliver about 60 – 65 mg CBD assuming the bud added tested at 20% CBD. Beware that a dose of 60 mg THC can put you out for the count…..

This recipe can be altered up or down. For example, if you did not want to consume a lot of alcohol, you could add 20 g high CBD bud and the potency of a one-ounce shot would be about 120 mg.  A 20 mg dose would be 1/6 an ounce, which don’t put a dent in your psyche.  Alternately, you might want to take a shot at bedtime, but don’t want too much THC, so you can follow the above procedure with only a few grams, of high THC bud.

Dose Calculation:  If the bud contains 20 % THC or CBD, then 10 grams of bud contains 2,000 mg total CBD (or THC).  If the extraction is 100% (its really about 80%).  If there are 26 shots in the bottle, then each shot contains 2000/26 x 0.8 (extraction efficiency).


Many seemingly reputable suppliers are using plastics with BPA, phthalates, and PVC.  While the US- FDA has not banned these plastics, we agree with many countries that have banned BPA and other plasticizers in involve food and drug preparations.  Even China has recently banned BPA  But not in the US. The worst thing you can do is put solvents and oils in contact with these plastics, they’ll be extracted along with your cannabis oil.

Simply use stainless steel or glass containers.  If you’re using a flammable solvent, like ethyl alcohol, take care to avoid sparks from metal on metal contact.

Robbie’s Cannabis Oil: Ethanol Everclear Rice Cooker Extraction

Do as Robbie does, except don’t’ use apparatus with plastics and BPA.


Make Cannabis oil CBD oil at home  Great Vid but please read the text below for improvements to this technique.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Here is a cute and easy way to make cannabis oil using ethanol alcohol and a coffee maker.  However, there are issues.

You want the particle size of the bud as small as possible, smaller than illustrated.  This will make the extraction more efficient, thereby saving you money and making the extract more medicinally potent.  Simply cutting the Budd very finely with a good kitchen knife is much better than nothing.

Also a recommended in the above procedure is to avoid using plastics and especially those containing BPA, phthalates,and PVC are definitely not recommended because they have been found to be carcinogenic and gender bending substances. Also, these toxic plastic ingredients are oil soluble.  Note that commercial coffee makers parts are coated in BPA as a rule.

The bowl used in the vid is probably made from polycarbonate BPA.  Though the protocol is violated in low quality food manufacturers, in a GMP compliant facility, stainless steel, and glass, is used.  Worse yet, is that manufacturers are advertising their products to be BPA free, but upon closer inspection, these criminal manufacturer’s often substituted another toxic plastic or material.

Is There a Stainless Steel Coffee Maker With No Plastic Parts?

We recommend that home cannabis owners invest in a plastic-free coffee maker to make their oil and morning cup.


Why Ethanol Works So Well for Cannabis Extraction

Ethanol turned out to be just that: effective, efficient, and safe to handle. The FDA classifies ethanol as “Generally Regarded as Safe,” or GRAS, meaning that it is safe for human consumption. As a result, it is commonly used as a food preservative and additive, found in everything from the cream filling in your donut to the glass of wine you enjoy after work.


One of the most frequent questions I get asked about our CBD oil is why it is so expensive, and this question usually comes from people who see hemp seed oil in supermarkets at very low prices and do not understand the difference. The short answer is because CBD oil is not exactly the same as hemp seed oil, and also because the extraction techniques used for producing the cannabinoid-rich products are different from those used for obtaining oil from hemp seeds…


At one time, Cannabis strains high in Cannabidiol (CBD) were somewhat of a rarity.  As the testimonials roll in from researchers, patients, and MMJ doctors, the efficacy of High-CBD Cannabis has become obvious.  Growers have taken note and responded by producing a fantastic array of new potent hybrids with therapeutic quantities of CBD…


In this article we explain the basics of the most common and popular Medical Marijuana strains – and answer the important questions most users should have:

What you need to know about Marijuana to self-medicate intelligently.
What is the difference between strains?
What are the top 10 Strains in California?
How can I get legal access to Medical Marijuana?


What insomnia and poor sleepers really need is information.  Which strains of medical marijuana work best?  What are the best choices? How do I choose? To best answer these questions we need good data. For a start, we sourced the opinions of the largest weed websites.  Then check that the strain data included a cannabinoid profile listing the essentials psychoactive (THC) and non-psychoactive (CBD) components and other components like CBD and terpenes


A review of the literature led to an interesting and somewhat counter-intuitive finding; few articles provide clear guidance for new doctors, caregiver, and patients.  In this article, we cover the basics; what do patients need to get started?  After absorbing the basics, the reader can move onto the further reading section to get a more thorough education in optimizing the dose and choice of cannabis-based medicine……

Beyond BPA: Could ‘BPA-Free’ Products Be Just as Unsafe?

The degree to which BPA poses a direct health risk continues to be debated by some, usually with an ax to grind. China, Canada, Japan, the European Union, more than half a dozen U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and several other local and national governments have already restricted some uses of BPA, particularly in children’s products, and this year about 17 states are expected to introduce similar legislation.

MMJ DOCTOR:  If you want to make your own medicinal products (for example Making Cannabis oil), you’re going to need a licensed medical doctor’s recommendation to buy high CBD cannabis in the states of California. To talk to a licensed medical marijuana doctor in San Francisco or San Jose schedule your online appointment online here and get professional in-person consultation today.

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